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"I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Beverly Barr with Raise the Barr Coaching and Consulting. The Monarch School Project (MSP) worked with Beverly over the course of the 2022-23 school year to help us identify and resolve issues that were affecting employee retention and turnover. Beverly has a deep understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader. By targeting our areas of growth, she challenged us to work collaboratively on resolving conflict, dismantling silos, and achieving goals. I appreciated Beverly’s ability to connect our organizational mission. to the way we work as individuals and in teams. She conducted a comprehensive needs assessment across our entire management team, then custom-designed a training series to address the needs that were identified. Her approach was both practical and thoughtful, and our workshops motivated the team to act and implement the strategies we discussed. I strongly recommend Beverly as a trainer, coach, and partner in leadership. Her expertise, insight, and support have had a lasting impact on our work. Beverly, thank you for your commitment to helping MSP’s leadership team achieve its full potential together. You helped us raise the bar, for sure!"

-KishaLynn Elliott

Chief Operating Officer

Monarch School Project


"After years of being stagnant, I found myself wanting more from my career and life. My time with Beverly Barr has proven to be effective both professionally and personally. As a coach, Beverly is inspirational, genuine and intentional. She helped me discover my passions, develop career goals, and experience growth, and most-importantly recognize my own potential..."

-Jennifer Cha

City of San Diego

"Our organization is extremely grateful for Beverly’s professional guidance with our board member recruitment process. Not only did she assist us with redefining our ideal board member, but she also developed a new board handbook, and conducted research and outreach to qualified candidates, leading to the addition of 5 new board members to our team. Beverly’s way of inspiring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which an added benefit is to work with her. Therefore, not only did we reach the recruitment goals we also began to reimagine and reshape organizational strategies that would help us expand our impact in the community. Thank you, Beverly, for all you do and the passion and skill with which you do it."

-Keyneica Jones, President

Silence Aloud, Inc.

"Bev is one of the most gifted people I have ever worked with. In one conversation with her, you are drawn in by her magnetic personality, vivacious energy, and her ease to make sense of any complicated situation. I have owned my own business for over 15 years and have been approached many times about coaching with little interest. After meeting Beverly, I knew I wanted to take a chance at it. In the 3-month commitment I made with Beverly, I broke through a multi-year stagnant mindset I had created for myself. I reorganized my goals on a daily, weekly, yearly, and long-term basis. I reconnected with what motivated me and was able to get back to the place where I was excited again about what I was doing and where I was going. My numbers for signed contracts and new clients grew exponentially by the end of our 90-day coaching period. I would highly recommend Beverly to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their inner fire and propel themselves to their greatest potential."

-Evan Tando, Managing Partner

Real Estate and Mortgage Broker


"Beverly, I appreciate you so much! Throughout our work together, your person-centered, goal-oriented coaching motivated and inspired me to take confident, decisive action. I felt buoyed by your enthusiasm, and even more importantly, supported and encouraged by your clear and compassionate communication. Your insightful approach and nuanced questions were invaluable in keeping me on track and on purpose. Your positive spirit and can-do attitude were infectious and kept my momentum alive from one call to the next. I felt I could accomplish anything. From your example, I took my self-talk to a whole new level of positivity and was able to overcome nagging doubts that in the past would diminish and distract me from what I wanted to achieve. Throughout our time together I felt heard and understood, acknowledged, and appreciated, supported, and cared for by you. Talking with you brought me to a new place of calm certainty that what I was embarking on was achievable. Our weekly conversations inspired me to take consistent, focused, and intentional action. Each action leads to the next step on my goal line. As a result of your purposeful process, supportive presence, deep understanding, and genuine compassion, it is now easier for me to generate a positive attitude, take productive action and achieve more satisfying outcomes in my life."

-Debra Roberts,

Coaching Client

San Diego, CA

"Beverly is amazing! I didn’t think that I had any blind spots but about halfway through our session I had a breakthrough. It surprised me and gave me the push I needed to get back to completing my goals. Since our first session, I have done more and have been kinder to myself. Thank you, Beverly, for your wonderful coaching."

-Priscilla Endres,

San Diego, CA 

"Great resources were shared, and I appreciate all the tools that were shared with us."

"I found the series helpful and it brought up a lot of topics for us to discuss as a group and move forward as a collective team. I enjoyed the materials shared and the activities; I look forward to more!"

"Amazing really enjoyed the training and learning new vocabulary and ways to use terms for managing and working with people."

"I liked how you pivoted to allow deeper conversations about what gets in the way of this process for us."

"Role playing and going through real world problems was very helpful."

"I will miss these training sessions. I have learned an abundance of information on how to move within my role on how I can transform and transcend my managing/leadership and coaching. Thank you for the insightful information. It gave me knowledge and ideas on how to better tune-up my leadership skills in this organization!"

"Thank you, Beverly, for your time and handwork for us to better understand and identify

work environment and leadership."

Participants Management and Leadership Series Feedback

San Diego, CA

"The reducing silos training was very helpful to better understand other teams’ perspectives."

"This training really helped facilitate open conversations between silos."

"Thank you for providing so many entry points into the topic of reducing silos and for nurturing our curiosity regarding other terms. I feel like reducing silos starts with a lens of curiosity, so thank you!"

"I’ve excited to utilize and implement the learning into my work. Thank you!"

Participants in Reducing Silos Training Feedback

San Diego, CA

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