Beverly is a highly skilled leadership development trainer, coach, and consultant with a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She is the founder of Raise the BARR, Coaching & Consulting, Inc., where she provides customized leadership development training and coaching services to individuals and organizations. Beverly has garnered more than three decades of experience in the public sector, specializing in mentoring, coaching, and training. Her contribution to multiple committees and instrumental involvement in drafting administrative regulations and organizational development policies speaks volumes about her expertise. With her profound understanding of leadership development and organizational change, Beverly has helped numerous individuals enhance their skills and reach their professional objectives.

Her emphasis on training and development, coupled with personal growth, has been pivotal in transforming organizations into thriving and dynamic entities. Beverly is known for her supportive and empowering coaching style, which helps her clients gain clarity, confidence, and motivation. She works closely with her clients to develop personalized plans for growth and success, providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement every step of the way. Beverly has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University and a master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. Beverly enjoys traveling with family and friends to explore new cultures and cuisines in her free time. She is also an active member of her local community. Beverly lives with her beloved 6-year-old golden doodle, who never fails to put a smile on her face.

Our Philosophy


At the heart of our business philosophy is the belief that our actions and decisions are shaped by our underlying beliefs and values. By regularly examining and challenging our beliefs, we can ensure that we remain aligned with our core mission and values. We encourage open, honest dialogue to broaden perspectives and continuously improve our practices. This approach is important for businesses and individuals who want to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. By reflecting on our beliefs and values, we can make more intentional choices and live in alignment with our true selves.


Authenticity is a key pillar of our business philosophy. We believe that building trust and establishing genuine connections with stakeholders requires transparency, honesty, and vulnerability in all interactions. By celebrating diversity in all forms, we embrace the unique perspectives and contributions of each team member and our partners and clients.


Recognizing the gifts and abilities of team members is another important aspect of our business philosophy. By leveraging these strengths to their fullest potential, we can achieve greater success and fulfillment within our organization. We encourage continuous learning and development among team members and provide opportunities for employees to expand and thrive in their roles. Together, we can create a culture of growth and innovation that benefits everyone involved.


Finally, our business philosophy includes a commitment to reclaiming leadership that has always existed among individuals and teams. We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability, where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to lead. By empowering individuals and teams to take ownership of their work and their own success, we strive to create a dynamic and intentional environment that promotes growth and development for both businesses and individuals.

Our Origin Story

Our story begins with the founder who ultimately dedicated 30 years of service to the local government. It was a fateful encounter with a supervisor early on in her career that sparked a fire within her. Driven by a steadfast commitment to cultivating a more harmonious and constructive workplace, our founder embarked on a journey to facilitate better working relationships among staff focusing on training and development for aspiring leaders. Through her unwavering commitment, our founder has been able to work with a diverse range of organizations and help countless individuals improve their professional relationships. Her expertise in training and development, combined with her passion for creating more collaborative workplaces, has enabled her to make a significant impact in the lives of many. With her guidance, organizations have been able to transform their workplace cultures by reducing silos, fostering improved communication, and becoming better leaders and managers. Through it all, our founder remains deeply committed to her mission and continues to inspire those around her to strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.

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