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BARR Coaching Program

The BARR Coaching Program

In the next few minutes, you will learn four critical ingredients that will allow you to live a much fuller life. You will be provided basic steps that will lead to more expansive living allowing you to achieve things you never thought possible.

The first step to a fuller life is an examination of your beliefs as they relate to your being.

Who are you and who are you being in the moment? To answer this question, start with your thoughts. Mark Twain said “if you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t your right.

Answer the following questions:

What is it you believe about yourself? Do your thoughts lift you up or do they wear you down in negativity. What do you believe about others and your circumstances? The thoughts you have about other people are tied to the thoughts you have about yourself. Are you a victim of your circumstances, or are you someone that can now help others overcome difficult situations?
When you take the time to think about your beliefs and realize they become your thoughts and you change limiting beliefs in every facet of your life, your entire life begins to change for the good. And you pass that goodness on to others.

As you think about the primary thoughts you have every day; examine your language. Your language is formulated by your beliefs and your thoughts. What does your language say about you?

You are authenticity.

Who are you?

Many years ago, I participated in an activity named Who Are You/Who am I? Two people would partner and take turns asking the other person repetitively who are you? The person responding to the question would usually answer with an identity-based response; for instance: I am a mother, teacher, an American, partner, friend, or I’m an Aquarius. The exercises were repeated for three rounds and each round is timed. Usually, by the third-round people would run out of responses.
Now by yourself, set the timer on your phone to 15 minutes and write out all the identities you believe you are. What have you noticed about who you think you are?

Have you have ever conducted some sort of research? Perhaps you were trying to decide on which car, appliance, or cable service to purchase and your intentions were to find the best value for your money.

Think about if your research produced better results than just winging it? Conducting some sort of analysis and creating an understanding of the item you want to purchase can conclude in amazing results. If you can put that kind of time in a product, thing or service why not put that same kind of time and exploration in getting to you.

When you began the process of asking and answering the question of Who are You? How you begin to see yourself changes and you begin to Recognize that what got you to where you are now; will not get you to where you want to go. To reach a higher level of being you must see yourself past societal and family norms or labels that are conspired to hold you back. Once you do this you start becoming what’s natural and you experience life with a new normal.

And once this happens you begin the process of Reinventing away from your old way of being to becoming the leader inside. You began to take personal ownership for your life. You step out in ways you never thought possible and become the being that has always been there, waiting to be experienced. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Through the process of self-discovery, you find your voice and the noise surrounding you diminishes. You begin to have more clarity; you feel a peace that you’ve never had before and it’s no longer difficult to know or discern what’s right for you.

When you examine your beliefs: and understand your beliefs are your thoughts and you change limiting thoughts to powerful ones your life reflects those changes.

Authenticity: who am I? In the beginning who you are – are based on norms and labels. The better you recognize yourself the better you become in releasing behaviors that no longer serve your greatest good. And once you go deeper you realize that who you are is love. Who you are is courage, compassion, and forgiveness. Who you are is connection. Who you are is possible, who you are is creation and who you are is creating. Knowing and accepting yourself is one of the greatest paths to success and happiness.

You recognize your gifts and abilities, and you see yourself for the first time. You leverage your strengths to your advantage and to the advantage of others.

You become the leader of your life and the tendency to look outside of you goes away.

When you start to understand yourself; you understand and know what moves and inspires you – you also move and inspire others. You are the driver of your life; no longer are you allowing life to happen instead you are creating it.

Being, Authenticity, Recognize & Reinvent

When you combine these four steps you find your voice and you Raise the Barr to personal transformation.

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